Balů Ton-Ka Dog CMKU/JOS/3345/08

21.2.2008 HD:A , ED: A BREEDING

                  Father:       Urso Ště-Kot North

                  Mother:     Cera Drena Sharislands

4 weeks

6 weeks

2 months

mind I bite you?

didn´t I tell you

kiss me

3,5 months, me and my sister Bona

really it´s me - I only got wet a bit

my first exibithion - here I look nasty, but I´m the best among teenegeres

sir, come and play with me.

11 months

mum, the ball is mine :-)


14 months

Special exhibition Tři Studně 2008 - winner teenegeres class and the best teenegeres.

Special exhibition Serbia - Mladenovac - 3rd. place in junior class

Club exhibition Vražkov 2009 - 2nd place in junior class

4x CAJC CZE, The conditions for awarding Junior champion of Czech republic title were fulfilled on April.

The condition for awarding Junior champion of Slovakia title were fulfilled on May,10.

International exhibition Trenčín 2009 - winner in junior class CAJC, 3rd BIG.- the best junior male of exhibition.